AnimalLight first began in late 2010 under the name www.leegunnell.com, as a personal website to promote my own writing. As the years progressed, this writing naturally gravitated toward animal rescue and welfare tales; in line with a growing fascination with animals, and dissipating interest in human endeavour

In early 2016 the website changed its name to www.AnimalLight.com; to reflect a site now devoted to the wonderful world of the animal kingdom. AnimalLight promotes both my own personal accounts of animal tales, as well as those written by all kinds of people across the globe, about all kinds of animals across the globe. A wider aim is to teach an unaware audience to the sheer spiritual magic of having animals in our lives, while the general aim is to spread a little positivity in an often fragmented world. For me, animals are our teachers, not the other way around.

As for the name Animal Light? Quite simply, it is to shine a light on the plight of animals. It's not clever, it's not complicated, but it does exactly as it says. Please feel free to introduce yourself, get in touch, or present your own animal tale for consideration to the website.


Lee Gunnell